Always, Always, Always Do This


We couldn’t agree more…

“always, always, always go inside any establishment that piques your interest,” says a recent review of George Bowers. We already know our customers are an adventurous bunch (love you guys!) but we never tire of the reminder to explore the great unknown. That’s what makes life interesting, right? Thank you, Staunton News Leader for the generous review of George Bowers Grocery! Read the full review here.

A quick story…

We had two new faces come in last weekend. We noticed they took photos of our sign and so when they paid up after eating (with a six pack, to go) we had to ask: “Where are you from?” The answer: Texas. Turns out this pair was traveling from upstate New York en route home. “What made you stop in Staunton?”

“Our friend Googled his name and convinced us to make the detour.”

So a friendly “hi” and thanks for sending your friends, Mr. George Bowers of Texas! If you friends misplaced the little something we sent along to you drop us a line (219 W. Beverley Street, Staunton, VA 24401) and we’ll send another. That goes for any other George Bowers out there, too!

While the Internet has been challenging for many Main Street businesses we can be pleased when unexpected business arrives through that route and off interstate 81!

Upcoming Events

Wild & Scenic Virginia Film Festival – Thursday, April 17th, 7pm
Along with local friends Black Swan Books, Fret Boss, and Visulite we’re sponsoring the Staunton leg of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. This is a great chance to see films celebrating the natural beauty of our great state, and support a worthy non-profit at the same time. Tickets here. See you there!

Bridge Day – Saturday, April 26, noon
Come celebrate the second annual festival honoring the bridge that connects downtown to the Sears Hill neighborhood.

Happy Spring, errybody!

Katie & Brian



Neighborhood Grocery Movement — Because, Relocalization


Lil Grocers

This is cool:

Richmond’s RVANews has identified a “growing movement” of independent, food shops springing up across our state’s capital. They profile several new startups and give a nod to part of the inspiration:

Each of these businesses drew inspiration from stores around the country–from Cookbook in LA to George Bowers Grocery in Staunton.

Thanks, ya’ll! :)

Check out the coverage showcasing our friends at Little House Green Grocery. We especially like what Jess and Erin write at their site because it rings true here, too:

If you shop at Little House [or George Bowers! -ed.], you know you are part of a movement that values shopping locally, shopping small, and greatly values the farmers and artisans who produce our food. [...] As small, independent grocers, we are proud to be part of a revitalization of our neighborhoods and our local food economy.

Well, we totally support this growing movement of indie business meets neighborhood meets food! (See also: the Micropolitan Manifesto). We are super excited to see continued revitalization of our micropolitan and celebrate the same thing happening in unique Richmond neighborhoods, too. 

We’re Back!

Our trip was snowed out (dangit!) but we had a restful “staycation” here at home. Hey, remember folks: people come to Staunton to relax, so don’t forget the pleasures we have here at home! Smell the winter roses, so to speak, as we await Spring…

Anyway, we’ve got a new tacky awesome clock and are here to serve you. Our Winter Hours: Tues – Sat, Noon until 8pm.

See ya soon!
Brian and Katie


Gettin’ lucky this winter!


Hey gang!

We’re taking a winter break to recharge and catch up with family. We’re closed this week and next, reopening on Tuesday, Feb.25…see you then!

If you’re craving for another great burger option in town, check out chef Ian Boden’s newest venture, The Shack, located at 105 South Coalter St.

And…if you’re feeling lucky like us (and you’re enjoying the Sochi Olympics) check out this astounding video of the Russian Men’s Police Choir covering daft Punk’s summer hit, “Get Lucky”!



Your Nov. 16 Party Tix Here!

FiveYearTixReady to Party?!

Alright! Beer and food are ordered and we’re ready for fifth year party! We’ll have an assortment of foods and non-alcoholic beverages and look forward to treating you. If you’d like to bring something to share, cool. Either way, we’ll be tapping the excellent Firestone Walker IPA – one of our favorites!

Print Your Ticket Here

It’s simple to join the party: just print out an admission ticket and bring it with you. (Yes, for ABC reasons tickets ARE required). Simply double-click here to open it in a separate window and print. Or, grab a ticket or two next time you’re in GBG.

Mark your calendars to celebrate with us on Saturday, Nov. 16, 7-9pm! After party will continue at Baja

Much love to everyone who has helped us make this a success!

Katie & Brian


Hotdog Flashback… and Party on November 16!

Hey, hey!

It’s official: we’ve set a date and time for our

5th year anniversary PARTY!

Mark your social calendar for Saturday, November 16th, 6-8pm+. Details and a formal invitation forthcoming. Have a peek at our first “Grand Re-Opening” invitation. Do you remember attending? (We remember who was there!)


As we gear up for our we thought it might be fun to look back at a few goodies. Here’s a short video of Brian demonstrating a retro “Hotdogger” in the first of our “vintage food” series. (Well, it was also the last of the “vintage food” series because we got too busy for videos!)

Thanks for your good humor and support.

See you soon!

Brian & Katie


Countdown Begins…


Party Countdown Begins!

We are so excited to be closing in on our five year anniversary!

We have you to thank! We are planning a party in November. It will likely be right before Thanksgiving. Details forthcoming.

Other news…

Time Banking – Our local time bank, the (h)OUR ECONOMY, is the focus of an article Katie wrote for the Georgia Municipality Association last week, here. We’re looking for more chances to earn and trade hours, so, let us know!

Familiar Story
– We’re fans of the NYT Small Business section (because we’re always learning!). Brian came across a new series that sounds painfully familiar, titled ‘Maybe WE Should Buy That Old General Store!’.

Government Shutdown – Here’s a look at how the shutdown is affecting small businesses. We feel empathy for 1732 Meats, a Philly start-up mentioned in the article who are awaiting the Department of Ag to reopen so they can get label approval for their product. Hopefully this mess will get resolved soon!

See you soon! Katie & Brian


25 up!

The American Shakespeare Center recently celebrated its 25th year. From its humble beginnings in 1988, ASC has grown and flourished to become the cornerstone of Staunton’s cultural landscape. We’ve enjoyed a prosperous relationship with the company since our own early days and the close relationship between the company and Staunton was described nicely in our local paper recently.
 This weekend, the Staunton Music Guild and Project Grows will host the guild’s annual fundraiser, pig roast and harvest party at the Project Grows farm in Verona. While SMG is well-known for its support of our local music scene, Project Grows is a relatively new venture that engages young people with the natural world through hands-on farming experiences, team building and learning about nutrition and food. The fun starts at noon!

And a final note, GBG will be closed tomorrow, October 2. We’ll be at a beer trade show in Richmond…seriously!


‘Raising Dough’ Reading Event Thursday (Hey, We’re Chap. 2!)


A few months ago we had the great fun to met Elizabeth Ü at George Bowers Grocery.

Elizabeth is a super cool surfer from California… and also an expert innovator regarding local food systems. You may have seen her in one or more TED Talks. She is the Executive Director of Finance for Food and involved with the localist movement at BALLE.

(Let’s get to the most exciting part!)

Her newest book,  Raising Dough: The Complete Guide to Financing a Socially Responsible Food Business features your favorite neighborhood spot! Yes, read all about our follies starting George Bowers Grocery in Chapter 2.

(Well, some of them anyway…they will fill a book of their own!)

The Staunton Creative Community Fund is hosting a reading and discussion of the book this Thursday (August 29th) and next (Sept. 5th) at 6pm. Pick up a copy from The Sacred Circle and join us!


Iowa Craft Beer Report + SQUINTIBUS on Saturday!


Friday, 8/23 — We say goodbye to our neighbor, artist Lynn Lough. Join us for her farewell party, music by Kat & the Travelers. Starts at 7pm…

Saturday, 8/24SQUINTIBUS. Starts at 6pm but GET HERE EARLY…


Don’t come cry’n if you miss out! Seriously. ;-)



YES, we’re back from our trip biking across the state of Iowa! We survived with tales to tell. The people of Iowa are great, and so are their craft beers!

Here are our reports…


We got lucky that it wasn’t too hot this year… but even so, after biking miles in the summer heat — trust me, you are ready to chill out with a beer or two! Each day along the RAGBRAI route there was an undisclosed “pop-up” party thrown by Backpocket Brewery. What a treat to turn a corner and discover several hundred people  enjoying beer and live music on someone’s sprawling farm.

My favorite from Backpocket was Jack Knife, a “GPA” — German IPA, made from a combination of German and American hops.

Backpocket was a favorite of our many in our “High 5!” cycling team in part because they gave a free pint to anyone who experienced a flat. And yes, there were a few…

(Side note: Team High 5 represented coast-to-coast [DC to San Francisco] but most of us were from Staunton. If you might like to join in next year get involved with the local group, Ride Staunton.)

My favorite day on the trip was our excursion to 515 Brewing in Des Moines (slogan: “Exceptional people drink exceptional beer” — we agree!)

TacopocalypseMy sister Annette and I took a detour from the official cycling route to see 515. We tried the Hippie Heifeweizen (named for the addition of hemp seed), Dubbel B (a Belgian) and my favorite, an IPA called Hopititus (and yes, I caught the fever).

We followed our beers with filling vegan chorizo from Tacopocalypse (on-site). Their logo is as good as their eats…(do you recognize the font?)

Watch for Brian’s new shirt from 515. It is blue and says: “Drink Local”.


It may feel like the start of Fall but we’re still on Summer hours (Noon ’til 10pm, Tuesday through Saturday).

Iowa has great beers, but there’s were a lot of non-Iowa brews to scope out. Two of my more memorable pours were:

Thunderhead Brewing Cornstalker dark wheat, from Nebraska. CornstakerTrue to its name, its brewed with corn grits in the mash. To my palate, it was a much richer, fuller version of Yeungling (which is also brewed with corn grits). Great label too…

Another memorable brew was the mysterious Hard Root Beer from Sprecher Brewing in Wisconsin. SprecherYep, a boozy root beer. Definitely not for everyone – this would make a fine dessert beer – just add vanilla ice cream. You know we carry their sodas, but, unfortunately, we can’t get any of their fine beers here.

See ya soon!