George Bowers built his store back in 1881….

location #2, circa 1911


George Bowers Grocery in Staunton, Virginia, is a sandwich, burger, and beer joint. It is the reimagining of a once-popular place which sold “staple goods & fancy groceries,” over 100 years ago.

Our mission today is to offer a delicious assortment of food with as much locally-sourced as possible. As an independent business we are proud to support local producers to provide top quality goods. Some examples:

  • Polyface Farms grass-fed beef, chicken, bacon, and hotdogs
  • Newtown Baking bread
  • locally grown produce (most recently from the VSDB Community Garden)
  • Farmstead Ferments sauerkraut

Walk on over! We’re located downtown, at the start of the Newtown neighborhood. Find us at 219 West Beverley Street in an old schoolhouse. Park your bike along the metal fence of the beer garden.

No one alive today remembers the George Bowers’ original store but here’s what we know about George Bowers, the man:

George Bowers. Close application to his customers’ interests, is the foundation of Mr. George Bowers’ great success. His large and finely appointed grocery store is located at No. 608 [now 614] West Main Street [now West Beverley], and the stock comprises everything of the finest quality in staple and fancy groceries, confections, tobaccoes [sic], cigars and cured meats. He caters to a large and fine class of trade, which is constantly expanding. Mr. Bowers is a native of New York City. He came to Staunton in 1881 and entered a business career. His first place was on Washington Street, whereby fair and straight-forward dealing, he soon built up a flourishing trade. Each year it increased until 1897 when he was compelled to seek larger quarters in order to accommodate his growing trade, and opened at his present location. Mr. Bowers is an energetic, progressive and superior business man, and a public spirited and progressive citizen.”

Staunton’s Business Men of Note, 1901.


George Bowers Grocery is locally owned and operated by Brian Wiedemann and Katie McCaskey.

Thank you for your support!