News to Know: Sears Houses and San Diego Fans

Staunton contains many "Sears houses".

Staunton contains many “Sears houses”.

News to know this week…

Staunton’s Wealth of “Sears Houses”

Architectural historian Rosemary Thornton wrote an extended piece about Sears Catalog homes found in Staunton. It’s pretty cool because she shows house plans and then photos of examples. Click here to enjoy it.

(We’re fans of Sears houses because Brian’s mother grew up in one. Related in name only we’re also fans of Staunton’s Sears House. We are particularly fond of the Sears House because the builder who built it also built our home!)

San Diego Fans

Staunton enjoyed a very lovely write up in the San Diego Reader this week. It highlights some of our favorite places but fails to mention a certain quirky beer joint located at 219 West Beverley. Hmm….Guess they’ll need to come back for another visit.

Until next time… we’re still on winter hours so stop by between noon and 7pm.

photo by: taberandrew

(h)OUR Economy timebank session


This month’s Odd Thursday makes a detour to the open storefront at 16 West Beverley for a special (h)OUR Economy timebank presentation that will include members of Media, PA’s and Charlottesville’s timebank programs.

You’ll hear from Marie Goodwin from TimeBank Media,  a successful hours exchange program in Pennsylvania.

Participants from CvilleTimebank in Charlottesville will join the discussion to share their recent experiences launching their new timebank.

Excited by what you hear? Join the (h)OUR Economy timebank (just launched here at home!) and earn 3 hours to begin exchanging with others in the community, plus meet other local participants. Starts at 6pm!



(h)OUR Economy kick-off!


On Tuesday, Oct. 30th, we’re happy to host our friends newest entrepreneurial endeavor: the (h)OUR Economy time bank!

The concept is simple: the (h)OUR Economy is a local economy of friends. Instead of money, we exchange time. Give what you want, find what you need, make a friend along the way.

Intrigued? Join us next week for an informative, casual meet-up of like-minded people to learn more about this exciting initiative.


Drinks of Green and Keys of V

Word is, the sun will return tomorrow. Either way, we’ll hosting another installment of Staunton Green 2020’s Green Drinks after-work social on the patio. Starts at 5-ish til whenever. Summer beers have started to land too!

This Friday, Key of V will join us from PA with their eclectic blend of acoustic and anti-folk. There friends, Chelsea McBee and Clawfoot Slumber, will round out the patio music bill. Starts at 7pm.

Rand McNally and USA Today are posting a travelers survey for their favorite destinations and, wouldn’t you know, good ole’ Staunton is a nominee! Have a look and vote early, vote often.

See you on the patio!


Oh, Mother’s Shillelagh!

A quick note for the week…

The good people from Mother’s Shillelagh will join us this Friday for a patio performance of fine Irish folk and harmony. Starts at 7pm, weather permitting (if it’s rainy, we’ll be inside).

Many of you have heard the legendary Marino’s is for sale. Marion’s reminds us of Staunton’s earlier days; hopefully the legend will continue. We’ll keep an eye on this story…

Entrepreneurs on the move! our friendly Short Box comics shop will be relocating to 106 East Beverley, while Beverley Cigar Store is moving to 2 East Beverley, in the Marquis Building. Drop in and say “hi” to these guys and support these lcoal businesses!



Feed your head!

Another quick note this week as we inch closer to spring…

Interested in investing in our local economy? We’ll host a local book club at GBG over the next two Fridays. Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity by Michael Shuman explores this topic, which is dear to many of us in Staunton. Copies are available at Sacred Circle and everyone is welcome to join the friendly discussion with other like-minded citizens. Details here.

More music in the parlor this Saturday as our friends Melissa Mesko & Toby Thomas join us for an acoustic set starting at 6pm.

Great news for Beverely Street as Taste of India opened last week! They’re in the former Staunton Grocery location.

Some of you have read Katie’s “Micropolitan Manifesto”. If you haven’t, Forbes Magazine picked the topic up and generated great press for our beloved Staunton. Have a look here.

Until next time…keep it local!


Staunton Grocery @ George Bowers, Sunday Feb. 26!

Just a quick note this week…

Chef Ian Boden, of Staunton Grocery acclaim, will be here this Sunday, February 26, for his latest “pop-up” installment!

The concept is simple. “Pop-ups” set up in an existing restaurant or retailer for one night with a single menu for an relaxed, fun evening of food and friends. This Sunday, Chef Boden will be here from from 5-8pm with his specially prepared take on a deli menu. Price is $55 and we’ll have a selected roster of American craft beers to pair with supper. More details here.

Seating is limited, so arrive early, hungry, and thirsty! See you then!



And the beat goes on…

The beat goes on…

Just a short update room us. We’ve been hunkered down with tinkering the shop’s decor and prepping a new deli menu for spring. This mild winter is a teaser for warm weather…just around the corner!

After a January hiatus, our weekends will see live music again soon. This weekend, we have Chelsea McBee joining us from West Virginia and Three Guys with Notes returning on Saturday. We already have a few acts booked for the patio. We hope to open outside in April! As usual, we still have “Eclectic fiddle w/ David McCaskey” and “Speakeasy” w/ Danny Dolinger every Wednesday.

Great news for downtown Staunton in recent weeks too! Taste of India will return (they’re going in the former Staunton Grocery space), with chef Ian Boden is launching an informal “pop-up” version of his culinary styling at existing restaurants around town. We’ll share more details as we get them! The Villages of Staunton took another step forward with the announcement of a new boutique hotel/spa be be built on the grounds.

Until next time…