Subscription Box

We’re gathering interest from friends living inside and outside of Staunton who might be interested in a monthly subscription box of “staple goods & fancy groceries” delivered to their doorstep. We estimate the retail value of the box at ~$40+ and the cost for this service would be ~$35/month (which includes shipping costs). If you might be interested add your name to our mailing list, no obligation.


Place Magic: How Great Design Sells Experience
by Katie McCaskey

This guide shares behind-the-scenes thinking and planning as well as other excellent placemaking decisions made by nearby businesses.

Per Money: Permaculture Thinking for Indie Biz
by Katie McCaskey

A book on business growth and money management that reached #2 on Amazon’s “Green Business” list in February, 2015.


We also offer personalized, behind-the-scenes tours.
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